Afiq Afiq :)

Muhammad Afiq , your apology accepted :)
Gentle cakap pelik gila the way you called me . psssssp pssssssp ! haha :D I noticed the sound and I turned around and I saw you . You called me to talk about something. About the past . It's okay Afiq , even though you ignored me months ago , I still accept you as my friend and my big Bro :D But promised me that you will never do the same thing again , kay ?


Selfish Boy :)


, kau skg mentang2 dah geng surya ,amira, intan bagai2 tu mana nak layan kawan kau yg lama kan . Mentang2 lah diaorg hot skg , mana nak layan kitaorg yg low profile ni . KAN ? buang dalam longkang jee kan . aku , shaf, ira, timah, aisya mana kau letak ? kat bawah kaki kau ? memang best lah kan . Kay , nak ignore , ignore jee lah . Don't find us kay if you're in trouble or whatever la. You'll regret it one day :)

The Guy .


 You've changed . The guy that I met a few months ago , where is he ? I want him back :'(


The Truth

Yeah , It's better for me if I just keep my mouth shut tightly :(

Just me and my bloggie :'(