Mohamad Zariff Safwan ❤

I have a brother , his name is Mohamad Zariff Safwan b. Mohd Helmi . He was born on 10th July 2008. This is the picture of him when he was just 5 Months. 

Look at this , Dulu muka lain gila . Innocent gila-2 . Comel , Gemok :D

And a video tu. these was about 1 month I think .

Kay, now you guys look what happened to him after 3 years . haha. 

Evil, Nakal Gila, Manja Gila, Gedik Gila and always "Maaa, nak kartun ! " eh , pecepuk kang . haha . geram oww XD 

But he's still mine. No one can take him from me 
I love you Zariff